The Studio

The Studio

Founded in the year 2000, The New Media Studio uses emerging multimedia technologies to explore all aspects of the human environment: our geophysical, biological, social, and cultural surroundings.

Contact info:
email: bruce[at]  

mail: 417 Samarkand Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105  
tel: (805) 966-1100


  • explores the role of environmental media—from interactive multimedia to online communication—in education and society;
  • promotes a critical understanding of the impacts of media on educational practices;
  • partners with other institutions to create media products and research studies that provide new tools for education
  • works to provide new media tools for science

Led by a board of directors drawn from educators and media professionals, TNMS attracts funding for media products and research studies, and produces and distributes media products that offer educational value to students at all levels. Positioned to facilitate interactivity between government institutions, where regulations and accounting practices limit the ability to contract for outside media services, and not-for-profit funding sources, which require a not-for-profit destination for their granting purposes, TNMS encourages collaboration between media artists, the entertainment industry, and scholars in an out of the academy.

The New Media Studio’s mission to enhance science and education has evolved with the advent of social media and social networking tools. The Studio still builds state-of-the-science tools for visualizing data: from earth-orbiting satellite instrument data to MRI brain scans. The Studio has worked with a wide range of partner organizations—university and government labs, non- and for-profit corporations, foundations and professional associations—to advance the capabilities of science and the technical reach of public education. The Studio, together with its research wing (The New Media Research Institute), has more than a decade of active public benefit service, and is reaching out to new partners. The latest example is Skolr, a software platform for digital science and engineering posters (the pilot effort was funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Every year on a global scale millions of posters are created, displayed, and discarded. This effort accounts for tens of thousands of person years. Skolr will help capture the value of this labor for the benefit of the entire academy, helping science know what scientists know.

Since the start (in 2000) we have recognized that organizations are only as good as the people who work and manage them. Reputations and solid products are built on the sweat and sacrifice of dedicated and enthusiastic employees. Dedicated and enthusiastic employees are built through solid management. The New Media Studio is an organization that is dedicated to bringing the public and the educational system a richer media experience, and this would not be possible without the programmers, office managers and interns that support and are supported by The New Media Studio.

Emerging media and informatics resources and technologies create unprecedented opportunities to bring forefront digital information to the public. The New Media Studio (TNMS), a non-profit organization, works to realize this potential. To this end, TNMS actively pursues its goals through a range of activities, including the provision of media production services, the distribution of digital educational products, and the development of innovative digital tools for public use. We create and operate many of our own projects—using not only grants but also investments and strategic partnering with educational, scientific and industry organizations. Main Contact Info bruce at

A California not-for-profit (501c [3]) educational corporation established in 2000 in Santa Barbara.


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