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Sotiria Lampoudi: Research Director


Sotiria Lampoudi, whom everyone calls Teri, moved from Greece to Illinois for undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago, and then to California to earn her PhD in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara. She is a computer scientist by training, but her life’s goal is to earn the title “most interesting woman in the world”.
She has worked in areas as diverse as supercomputer design, computational physics, synthetic biology, robotic astronomy, robotic ocean science and robotic forestry. As a Researcher at UCSB she designed the Las Cumbres Observatory’s global robotic telescope network scheduling kernel, which enables the continuous observation of targets despite the Earth’s rotation. Since 2013 she has worked in industry and non-profit robotics for science, with an emphasis on mission engineering and multi-robot coordination. At Liquid Robotics she was part of the team that built the Wave Glider autonomous ocean surface vehicle, and responsible for the code that allows Wave Gliders to work together in teams. At DroneSeed she designed multi-UAV coordination algorithms for forestry, resulting in the first waiver from the FAA permitting operation of multiple drones under the supervision of a single pilot. Teri is a FAA certified drone pilot and a USCG certified captain.

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Bruce Caron: Executive Director

IFBruce is the founder and the Executive Director at the Studio. He maintains his profile on ORCID.

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