EDDC-LogoThe Earth Data Discovery Consortium (EDDC) ESIP is a Type III ESIP specializing in building the tools that complete the end-to-end data chain. The EDDC focuses on forefront technology development of client-side software to bring data access to the wider public. The EDDC ESIP started with an ESIP cooperative agreement between NASA and Planet Earth Science, Inc. (C. Gautier, PI). By the time this project (Mission to Planet Earth Education Series) ended, the ESIP had grown to include the New Media Studio. It changed its name to reflect it’s goals and brought new partners on board.


New Media Research Institute/New Media Studio (Bruce Caron, Executive Director [ESIP voting rep]), Santa Barbara.

4TU.ResearchData (Connie Claire), Nottingham, UK

Science Approach (Steven Moore, CEO),  Tucson.

Tom Moritz, Executive Director at Monk, Bean, Moritz & Ray, Los Angeles.

David Bassendine, Atlanta.

James Howison, University of Texas, Austin.

Lingua Logica (Beth Huffer, founder and President), Denver.

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