New Media Research Institute

NMRI is the research wing of the New Media Studio.

de la Guerra St.

We work just far enough outside of academia to escape the inertia of the academic calendar, yet near enough for purposeful collaborations. We work between the Academy and the Academy (Harvard and Hollywood). From our down-town Santa Barbara offices, NMRI builds partnerships that enable forefront research into the future of new media, big data, and 0n-line collaboration. A publicly funded research institute. The NMRI is the research wing of The New Media Studio, a California based 501(c)3 public benefit corporation.

Who we are:

  • A small group of media theorists and programmers who are forging a vision of the digital future into software and content.
  • An active media consortium of professionals from various fields.
  • A place where big-data and social media find common ground.
  • A new media think-tank where the implications of the digital future are under discussion.

After years of discussion among researchers and media professionals in Santa Barbara, The New Media Studio was created at the end of the Twentieth Century. To herald the beginning of the Twenty-First Century the New Media Research Institute was built within the Studio to manage media research efforts. The Studio also manages media production and distribution efforts.

The New Media Research Institute looks ahead to digital technologies that will revolutionize the way we think, work, and socialize. By applying media informatics to the problems of knowledge management and data access (to name a few current efforts) NMRI will quicken the transition to digital modes of thought and action.

Our mailing address is: 417 Samarkand Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Bruce Caron

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