James Frew

James Frew is an Associate Professor in the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and a principal investigator in UCSB’s Institute for Computational Earth System Science (ICESS).

His research interests lie in the emerging field of environmental informatics, a synthesis of computer, information, and Earth sciences. Trained as a geographer, he has worked in remote sensing, image processing, software architecture, massive distributed data systems, and digital libraries. His current research is focused on geospatial information provenance, discovery, and curation, using remote sensing data products generated by his Environmental Information Laboratory as operational test beds.

Dr. Frew received his Ph.D. in Geography from UCSB in 1990. As part of his doctoral research, he developed the Image Processing Workbench, an open-source set of software tools for remote sensing image processing, currently used for instruction and research at UCSB and elsewhere. He has served as both the Manager and the Acting Director of UCSB’s Computer Systems Laboratory (ICESS’ predecessor), and as the Associate Director of the Sequoia 2000 Project, a 3-year $14M multi-campus consortium formed to investigate large-scale data management aspects of global change problems. He was a co-PI on the Alexandria Project (part of NSF’s Digital Libraries Initiative), where he directed the development of the Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (ADEPT) testbed system. Dr. Frew also served on the National Research Council’s Committee on Earth Science Data Utilization (CESDU).

Dr. Frew currently leads the Earth System Science Server (ES3) project, and serves as President of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners. During the 2005-2006 academic year he was a visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh‘s Digital Curation Centre.

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